About Me

How did I become an officiant?
The story tends to be the same with most officiants. A friend or relative needs someone to perform their ceremony, and the next thing you know you’re standing in front of a room full of people sending a happy couple off in style.

The first time I officiated, I was a bit nervous as I had never spoken in front of a crowd that large before. Any worries that I had quickly faded as I realized that officiating was a great fit for me and is something that brings me great joy. I continued to explore this and expanded my public speaking skills to include more wedding ceremonies and even created my own private walking tour business in the City of Milwaukee.

My Approach
I know well that planning a wedding can be a daunting task. From sending invitations out, setting up your registry, and booking the DJ, caterer, photographer, and venue, one can easily forget an important detail along the way. Sometimes this detail can be the even be the planning of the wedding ceremony itself. I’m here to make sure this wedding ceremony is created exactly how YOU want it. We all have a vision of how we want our big day to be and I want to make sure that we make your wedding visions a reality!

As we begin to work together, I will carefully walk you through all of the steps of the wedding ceremony planning process and together we will craft a beautiful custom ceremony. Most importantly, before the big day we will practice, practice, practice! Try to think of me as not only your master of ceremonies, but also as your wedding coach. On your wedding day, I want to make sure you are both feeling poised, confident, and prepared when you walk down the aisle!